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Wes is going against the grain in the executive recruitment industry by looking at all of the skills available on the market; always identifying and including the best female leaders in every recruitment process.

Swedish Anna Stenberg founded the executive search firm Women Executive Search (WES) in 2011, which specializes in finding and promoting female leaders.

Anna strongly believes that female candidates have all the right competences and desire to make it as a leader. However, finding female talent often requires some detective work, as many women simply do not apply for the top positions. WES has thus adopted an innovative recruitment process, looking beyond the traditional networks to identify potential candidates.

I truly admire Anna’s mission to promote female talent to build a more gender neutral future, and hope to see more of such initiatives in the future. Anna Stenberg investpodden podcast

For all Scandinavian readers, click on the photo above to listen to Anna Stenberg’s interview on the Swedish “Investpodden“.

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