Tidy for Joy

One of my go-to activities when too tired and uninspired to do anything else, is tidying. Tidying my surroundings is deeply relaxing and satisfying to me. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that things are in their right place. – And that I put them there!

Especially after a stressful day at work, coming home and putting my shoes, purse and work-clothes back in their designated places feels like a great accomplishment. It gives me a small confidence boost, knowing that although work didn’t go as planned, I still accomplished something.


I am well aware that not everyone enjoys tidying (my boyfriend included) as much as I do. And if you don’t mind living in mess, there is really no reason for tidying. Except if you have an obnoxious girlfriend like me, of course, who forces you to close the kitchen cabinets and reuse your glas, instead of taking a new glas every time you get thirsty – leaving a million glasses scattered around the apartment… sorry, I almost got carried away there for a minute!

Unlike my boyfriend, however, it seems like many people despise mess. They just don’t know how to get rid of it properly. Enter my new hero: Marie Kondo, a “Japanese organizing consultant” nonetheless, according to wikipedia!

The KonMari method describes tidying as a logical and structured process, which should leave your home clutter free – for good! What is unique to the method is the focus on tidying as a means for transforming your life. In an interview with Arianna Huffington, Marie Kondo explains: “Central to the KonMari Method is envisioning one’s ideal life prior to tidying. This establishes a goal for tidying and sets the practice into motion.” As such, the method is rooted in a single question: Does the item spark joy? 

Here are my main take-aways from the process of tidying described in the book:

  1. Collect every item of a group (e.g. shirts / cosmetics / books) in a big pile
  2. Go through every item in the pile, and toss everything that doesn’t spark joy
  3. Once you have gone through the pile… go through it again!
  4. Decide on a designated place for the remaining items (meaning only the items that spark true joy) in the group (e.g. all shirts to be located in the top drawer)
  5. Place all joyful items in their designated place

Once you get into the habit of returning your joyful items to their designated place, your home will always be clutter-free and tidy. How neat? (ba-dum-bum-chiii)

Happy tidying, guys!

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