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As written in my last post, I have been tidying like a crazy person lately. Sorting through all of my stuff, eliminating (aka hiding in the attic, but please don’t tell Marie Kondo) everything that doesn’t spark joy. And so here I suddenly am, surrounded by joy and tidiness, and it is wonderful. Except for a miiiinor detail: Now I have to blog!

You see, although I enjoy tidying, I have also used it as an excuse not to blog: “I don’t have time to blog today, because my TODOIST says I have to sort through my stockings… and ticking off an item in an app is way more important than challenging myself creatively and intellectually through my blog… oh, dang it!

Isn’t it frustrating how we sometimes are so reluctant to do something we know is good for us? I usually consider myself a pretty resourceful and solution oriented person. However, when it comes to blogging, these qualities are nowhere to be found. I’ve become somewhat of a Master of Excuses, always thinking up obstacles not to blog. But now I am sick of excuses.

One of Gretchen Rubin’s commandments helped me kill my Master of Excuses. Commandment no. 8: Identify the Problem. Once identified, solve the problem. The beauty of this commandment (and Gretchen Rubin’t commandments in general) is that it is simple, logical and implementable. Thus, leaving me no excuse but to engage it in my life.

I narrowed down* my problem with blogging to the following three main reasons:

  1. Being tired after work
  2. Lack of inspiration despite a million ideas
  3. Not having a routine to follow (yes, I am a lover and creature of habit)

Once identified, I realized that these are not huge, unmanageable problems. Not only did this realisation empower me, it also motivated me to find a solution – and stick to it.

My solution? A new morning routine, which I will explain more about in my next post. Stay tuned!

*Prior to actually starting the blog, I had a several other problems. Luckily I already managed to solve these:

  • No good computer to write on, was solved by prioritized my spending to save up money for a new computer
  • Lack of confidence to put myself out there, was solved by reading a lot of personal development books, doing a lot of coaching, and getting a hobby (tennis)
  • Not enough money to invest in WordPress, was solved by buying the domaine and adjusting my monthly budget accordingly
  • No blog name, was solved by forcing myself to “just pick one”, and realizing that people would read my blog as long as the content was good, no matter the name
  • No good place to write… OK, this was just a bad excuse, there are a million good places in this world to write!
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