Just TO-DO it

I do not mean to be presumptuous, but my guess is none of you out there have too little to do, and too much time to do it? Whether you are a student or working full-time, we all have to juggle a seemingly endless amount of tasks, chores and appointments into a limited number of hours in a day. Although many of us consider anything else a bore, all the responsibilities, infinite choices, and way too many distractions may leave us feeling overwhelmed.

One of my greatest tools (some might even call it an obsession) when feeling overwhelmed is a good and exhaustive to-do list. Yes, it is simple, but to me, getting all my tasks out of my head and prioritized allows me to forget about them until I actually have to deal with them – thus allowing myself to focus all of my attention on the task at hand.

As mentioned, I have a slight to-do list addiction. It used to be much worse, though. I used to spend hours writing my lists by hand (preferably in a pretty notebook or calendar), spicing them up with different colors, stickers and what-not. And ticking off items was like crack to me. Luckily, I have come to realize that writing to-do lists was actually one of my greatest and most time-consuming procrastinations.

Enter my new best friend: the TODOIST app. It may not be as pretty or fun to look back at as my old lists, but it allows me to carry my lists (yes, plural!!!) with me at all times (how frustrating is it when you have spent time preparing a grocery list to make a perfectly healthy meal, but then forget to bring it to the store, and then have to buy cookies and ice cream for dinner instead?). It also tracks my efficiency in performing tasks, and allows me to share lists with my boyfriend, so I can remind him to buy me flowers on Fridays (aka toilet paper).

If you are not already as addicted to to-do lists as I am, here is a little challenge for you:

  1. Download a to-do list app on your smartphone
  2. Immediately write down all the to-do items you can think of, and assign deadlines to them
  3. Spend 5 minutes each evening for the next week, adding items to your list that may have come up during the day – and tick off performed tasks
  4. Spend 30 sec. each morning going through your to-dos for the day

I hope you will find this way of keeping track of your assignments as useful and stress-relieving as I have.