Your Future is in the Present

Hello, and welcome back. I hope you have had a wonderful summer! My summer has been great and sunny, and involved a lot of inspiration and thinking about the future of the #Busbeesblog. Now, I am fully recharged and ready to get back into my daily routines (i.e. involuntarily stop eating excessive amounts of chocolate and fast food every day).

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is one of my favourite books, and the quote above has been imprinted on my mind since I read it. This quote motivates me to pursue and engage in good intentions, every day. I have personally witnessed how my thoughts eventually materialize into actions, and how – over time – these actions become habits.ย According to Will Durant, “you are what you repeatedly do“. By extension, you become what you repeatedly do. In that sense, our minds have significant power in taking us to our future. That is, the future we visualize and pursue for ourselves.

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My aim for this fall is to work on implementing new good habits, to achieve my formally (aka scribbled down on a napkin..) formulated goals, in the hopes that preparation meeting opportunity will lead to great achievements. For instance, I have thought about how to optimize my Hour of Powers, which books to read, and established a personal budget. I have also been working on a new evening routine, which you can read more about tomorrow.

Have you thought about your goals for the fall semester? And how to achieve them? If not, check out Mind Toolsย for inspiration on how to set and reach SMART goals. Happy reading!

Speak no ill

Benjamin Franklin quote

Like everyone else, I guess, I enjoy receiving compliments. However, I’ve recently discovered that there is one type of compliments, I do not enjoy: the ones that compliment me by criticizing others.

For instance, “your speech was so much better than the other speeches tonight“. I understand this is meant as a compliment, and that I should appreciate winning the “award” for best speech that night – and that no intentional harm is probably meant. However, such compliment makes me feel uncomfortable and bad on the other speech givers’ behalf. After all, I am sure they did the best they could and they meant well by giving a speech.

So, in the future I will avoid giving compliments like these – and I hope you will too ย : )


Daring Greatly

Theodor Roosevelt Quote - Daring Greatly

Brene Brown introduced me to this quote (unfortunately not personally). To me, it serves as a personal reminder and motivation to put myself out there – enter the arena. To pursue my true passions, even if critics (yes, I’m talking to you, ruminating inner voice) ย tell me otherwise.

In more concrete terms, this quote has contributed to building the confidence necessary for me to start this blog, which I have dreamt on for so long.

I hope it inspires you, as it has inspired me.