Speak no ill

Benjamin Franklin quote

Like everyone else, I guess, I enjoy receiving compliments. However, I’ve recently discovered that there is one type of compliments, I do not enjoy: the ones that compliment me by criticizing others.

For instance, “your speech was so much better than the other speeches tonight“. I understand this is meant as a compliment, and that I should appreciate winning the “award” for best speech that night – and that no intentional harm is probably meant. However, such compliment makes me feel uncomfortable and bad on the other speech givers’ behalf. After all, I am sure they did the best they could and they meant well by giving a speech.

So, in the future I will avoid giving compliments like these – and I hope you will too ย : )



If you ever find yourself having an hour to kill, I highly recommend Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcasts.

SuperSoul Conversations

Personally, I like listening to them on my way to work in the morning, because the conversations fill me with positive energy, I can utilize throughout the day. Plus Oprah’s voice has a soothing effect on me…

If you get hungry for more, the SuperSoul instagram account is full of inspiring quotes, which serves as an interesting contrast to all the memes and exotic breakfast bowl pictures…

Happy listening!

Home Office

I always used to think that I would have been a much more motivated student, if I had a nice place to study. In reality, I did the majority of studying in my bed, which often resulted in a lot of Netflix and really long power naps (OK, so technically I guess they were not power naps, just really long naps…).

Now I know thatย a beautifully furnished study place probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference. The problem was not my study surroundings, as much as the topic of my studies, which unfortunately did not interest me enough to spend time on them. Once this realisation occurred to me, I got very depressed. I felt like I had wasted a lot of good years, and maybe even missed the possibility to fulfill my true passion and potential.

Home office inspiration

It took me a long time and a lot of personal development to understand that this kind of thinking is not healthy nor useful. Instead, I now try to focus on all the positive things that wouldn’t have happenedย if I did not get my degree. For instance, if I did not get my degree, I would never have:

  1. Gotten my dream job
  2. Met my boyfriend
  3. Spent semesters abroad
  4. Had plenty of good times with a lot of great people

Every cloud has a silver lining.” Sometimes you just have to say (or write) your thinking out loud to realize it.