Maximize Your Mornings

I was introduced to the concept of “Hour of Power” byย Remente, which is an amazing goal setting app for personal and organizational development.ย I initially signed up for one of the app’s pre-made goals to maximize my morning routines. This basically involved obvious things, such as getting up early, making my bed, wearing clothes picked out the day before…

However, it also included having one Hour of Power each morning before arriving at work, where you focus on whatever makes you feel good, or work on developing a new skill or something else of your choosing. Althoughย I guessย it is preferred to arrive in the office as early as possible (…), taking that extra hour to yourself is highly recommended from a mindfulness and personal development point of view, according to Remente (and me).

As mentioned, it is completely up to you what your Hour of Power involves. However, if you need some inspiration getting started, here are some examples:

  • Meditation or yoga
  • Reading a book
  • Working out
  • Having breakfast with a friend
  • Practicing a hobby
  • Reading the actual news articles (not just scrolling headlines…)
  • Blogging…

bedroom inspiration

I personally also find that the Hour of Power makes me wake up earlier, because I have something to look forward to, instead of morning stress and a quick breakfast on the way to work.

P.S. It is totally allowed to have more than oneย Hour of Power in a day!

Pearls are always Appropriate

If you don’t already appreciate the beauty of pearls, I am sure you will after these craazyy pearl facts:

  1. Pearls are the only jewels created by a living animal (I am not sure I would characterize an oyster/mussel an animal, but National Geographic insists that they are…),
  2. Saltwater pearls are extracted from oysters, whereas the freshwater pearls are collected from mussels,
  3. An oceanic oyster typically grows only one pearl at a time, whereas a single freshwater mussel typically produces 30-50 pearls at a time (talk about multitasking),
  4. All pearl oysters are born male and transform into females at around three years of age (ok, how is that even possible? and more importantly, how can you tell what gender an oyster is?).

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have newfound respect for oysters and mussels after these facts!

Chanel pearl necklace

Speak no ill

Benjamin Franklin quote

Like everyone else, I guess, I enjoy receiving compliments. However, I’ve recently discovered that there is one type of compliments, I do not enjoy: the ones that compliment me by criticizing others.

For instance, “your speech was so much better than the other speeches tonight“. I understand this is meant as a compliment, and that I should appreciate winning the “award” for best speech that night – and that no intentional harm is probably meant. However, such compliment makes me feel uncomfortable and bad on the other speech givers’ behalf. After all, I am sure they did the best they could and they meant well by giving a speech.

So, in the future I will avoid giving compliments like these – and I hope you will too ย : )