Solve and Thrive

As mentioned, I have initiated a new morning routine to solve my problems related to blogging – or, rather, lack thereof. You see, identifying my problems made me realize that all of them can be solved… in the morning, the time where I am the most focused and productive.

Being tired after work? Solution: Working in the morning. To me, this meant:

  • Go to bed earlier, to wake up (relatively…) energized
  • Drink ice cold water when I wake up, to prime my mind
  • Luckily, I did not have to wake up earlier, seeing as I chose to re-prioritize my existing morning routine (I wake up at 07:00, spend an hour on my routine, and then get ready for work).

Lack of inspiration despite a million ideas? Solution: Pick and stick to one idea until completion. To me, this meant:

  • Pick the first blog idea that comes to mind
  • Free-write on the post outline
  • Continue to fine tune writing until satisfaction, aka completion

Not having a routine to follow? Solution: Use my existing morning routine. To me, this meant:

  • Stop watching and reading news in the morning (instead, listen to news while getting ready/on the way to work)
  • Set up blogging station (aka my computer…) in designated writing spot
  • Start writing

I am so happy about my new morning writing routine. I truly thrive when I start the day accomplishing something important me, and this positive energy stays with me throughout the day.

This Gretchen Rubin inspired “identify, solve, thrive” routine is super easy, and is applicable to basically everything standing in your way to achieve your goals. Now, I almost wish that I have more problems, so I can use the method! What about you, feel like giving it a try?

I will continue finetuning my morning routine, by researching the inspiring webpage turned book My Morning Routine.

Maximize Your Mornings

I was introduced to the concept of “Hour of Power” by Remente, which is an amazing goal setting app for personal and organizational development. I initially signed up for one of the app’s pre-made goals to maximize my morning routines. This basically involved obvious things, such as getting up early, making my bed, wearing clothes picked out the day before…

However, it also included having one Hour of Power each morning before arriving at work, where you focus on whatever makes you feel good, or work on developing a new skill or something else of your choosing. Although I guess it is preferred to arrive in the office as early as possible (…), taking that extra hour to yourself is highly recommended from a mindfulness and personal development point of view, according to Remente (and me).

As mentioned, it is completely up to you what your Hour of Power involves. However, if you need some inspiration getting started, here are some examples:

  • Meditation or yoga
  • Reading a book
  • Working out
  • Having breakfast with a friend
  • Practicing a hobby
  • Reading the actual news articles (not just scrolling headlines…)
  • Blogging…

bedroom inspiration

I personally also find that the Hour of Power makes me wake up earlier, because I have something to look forward to, instead of morning stress and a quick breakfast on the way to work.

P.S. It is totally allowed to have more than one Hour of Power in a day!